Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pop Up Camper, Part 2

This is semi-related to our pop up camper upgrade list. I found a little inspiration on a blog about painting the handles of mismatched silverware to give it a cohesive look. Amanda and I gathered up a bunch of mismatched utensils, taped off the ends, and gave them a quick spray with Valspar outdoor spray paint. Since they won’t be going through the dishwasher, we figured the paint should hold up pretty well.
After two coats of a beautiful light blue color, they were beautiful. We might have to go back and repaint them with a clear laquer or redo them again because we didn’t think to rough up the surface with sandpaper. The paint is beginning to chip easily on them.
We also painted little signs to hang on the outside of our doors. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration. I know it’s silly that I have a teardrop camper on the welcome sign for our pop up, but I liked the vintage look.
Of course Amanda shows out! She is way more talented than I am when it comes to artsy-craftsy stuff. She really has an eye for the little details!

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