Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Yard Work

We are really blessed with the land we have at our new house. Justin tilled up a small strip for our garden. We planted 200+ sunflowers a few weeks ago. Justin bought corn, pumpkins, and gourds to fill out the rest of the garden. He had the cows for company and he was so patient with Wyatt helping.
IMG_6344 IMG_6345
Afterwards, we stopped to check in on the bees. I was really brave and scooted on my belly to get a shot of them coming in and out of the hive.
IMG_6347 IMG_6355
Roses are popping out everywhere! I think this one reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. The second one was a casualty of me snipping off the old dead blooms. I usually let my roses stay on the plants outside to brighten up the yard. Thankfully, this one is pretty and simple in a mason jar.
Justin raked two wagon loads of pine straw from a neighbor and I refreshed all of the flower beds around the house. Spreading pine straw is probably my favorite thing about yard work. It’s fairly simple, not too tiring, and it provides instant umph to old beds. I told Justin if he got me two more wagons full I’d find places to put it out- it’s almost therapy to me.
IMG_6371 IMG_6386 
Of course, freshly spread pine straw is a dog magnet. Both of the girls wallowed around it in minutes after I put it out.
A mama bird has taken up residence under the fish cooker in our carport. There are five eggs in there. I can’t wait to see the babies!

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