Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Move over, Clark Griswold!

My hubby’s on the move. He spent yesterday in the arctic blasts putting up our Christmas lights and the local kids’ favorite part—our inflatable helicopter. We have literally had requests from one of the mamas who takes her little boy to the day care down our block. He’s been expecting Santa’s arrival in the helicopter since we took down the Halloween decorations.

I think he did an awesome job. We have those huge old-fashioned C9 lights so they’re big and bright and chunky…just the way I like ‘em!


I also finally got around to making our new stockings. I am not thrilled with them, but I did it without a pattern or really any idea of what I was actually doing. We will try round #2 of homemade stocking making next year when our little one celebrates his or her first Christmas!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Product Review on the Way

Y’all! I am so excited--I was approached to review a product by CSN Stores, which is home to over 200 sites including luggage stores, accent furniture, and (my personal favorite) cookware!
CSN Stores
I’ve got big plans for this holiday season, including making lots of candy. Stay tuned and see what CSN has hooked me up with and see my true blue honest review of the process!

Babies all snuggled up

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Newest ornament

I STILL haven’t posted the picture of the cute snow-couple ornament my mama bought be with the baby bump on the snow-mama (I almost cried when I got it!), but here is a quick shot of my newest ornament I picked up at the Hallmark store this weekend.

Here’s a snapshot of our tree, complete with presents and the nice, cozy fire Justin built last night.

We had our hometown holiday festivities this weekend and I snapped this shot of Sandy-claws (just watched The Nightmare Before Christmas) admiring the big Christmas tree in the park. Thanks to my mama for recognizing what a fun shot it would be!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Here is our first little jump on Christmas—Justin let me talk him into getting a tree BEFORE December 1, which is like breaking a cardinal rule in the Cook house. We found the fattest Frasier Fir the tree farm had!


I got a mini tree last year during the after-Christmas sales at Wally World and my mama got me the cutest little kitchen utensil ornaments. My ultimate goal in life is to have a different themed tree for every room in the house.

Justin lit up my holiday wreath like Las Vegas with an ENTIRE string of blinking lights. It’s the coolest-themed piece of decoration we have in our house so far, if you ask me!

Christmas spirit

Friday, my family and I loaded up to check out the Fantasy in Lights show at Callaway Gardens. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out all the tricks to my new camera so I couldn’t snap any shots of the lights, but I have “borrowed” a few from my mama and my sister. I did, however, fall in love with my macro setting (thus explaining why I have so many darn ornament pics!).


75163_1599112032003_1662104612_1425200_670659_n 154960_1599111511990_1662104612_1425197_3869522_n156194_1599111912000_1662104612_1425199_5899482_n 75670_782272457891_33002761_41416603_780179_n

76178_782272507791_33002761_41416605_690185_n 76757_782272348111_33002761_41416596_3976749_n (1) 148154_782272393021_33002761_41416598_7137603_n 149157_782272482841_33002761_41416604_3183736_n 149222_782272303201_33002761_41416593_7129634_n 150551_782272368071_33002761_41416597_1170221_n 150814_782272238331_33002761_41416588_7319943_n 154841_782272407991_33002761_41416599_6648669_n 155011_782272557691_33002761_41416608_5003680_n 155165_782272527751_33002761_41416606_2804867_n 155685_782272328151_33002761_41416595_775222_n 156107_782272313181_33002761_41416594_3248096_n 156604_782272417971_33002761_41416600_3665798_n

We also stopped at the “Little White House” and toured downtown Warm Springs. It is a lovely little town just filled to the brim with gift shops.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I miss yo’ face!

I sure do miss these two! They go off to college and don’t want to have anything to do with their oldest sister back at home Sad smile  They have, oh I don’t know, lives. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s not that bad—I get to see them both at Thanksgiving!


Annnddd, since my middle sister’s lame, she’s not going to see Harry Potter with us. But I’m so excited about getting to see it with my baby sister!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Have I mentioned…

…how great my family is? Not just my immediate family, my WHOLE family! I love them all. We’re all different in our own ways. My SIL is slightly (okay a lot) less tech savvy that I am but she’s so crafty she could make Martha Stewart jealous. I got some double yolk eggs from her last night and this is what they looked like:


This makes regular egg cartons at the store look frumpy and boring. I don’t want to have to buy them plain again!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A trip to the mountains

I know this is a bit delayed, but last week Justin and I had a quick four day weekend in the North Georgia mountains for a delayed anniversary trip. I had a conference in Dillard, GA for work, so Justin met me up there when it was almost over. We stayed at the acclaimed Dillard House and everything (EVERYTHING!) was wonderful. The views were awesome and the food was definitely worth travelling for if you weren’t already staying there! (The second two pictures are from the back of our hotel room.)


We put over 1,000 miles on my car this weekend and we saw a ton of stuff! We walked a ton of steps to the suspension bridge at Tallulah Gorge.

73210_775151338671_33002761_41286434_281251_n 77066_775151493361_33002761_41286440_1567134_n 

Justin wanted to walk down to the base of the Gorge, so I entertained myself while he was off on his adventure…I knew the 323 steps back up would be enough for me!


We went up to the top of Black Rock Mountain. If you look closely, you can see the snowflakes in front of my jacket—you can also see my flip flops…The climb up Tallulah Gorge wore blisters on my ankles!


This picture goes in my file if Justin’s ever being a “jerk.” I can pull out the photographic evidence!


We went to an awesome store called Goats on the Roof. They have real live goats on their roof that you can feed through a system of pulleys. They have stores in Helen and Rabun County.


We also went to the lovely Dahlonega. (What a beautiful town, Cherish!)

 73531_775167466351_33002761_41287013_1980136_n 74447_775166573141_33002761_41287006_8104678_n 

Bridal Veil Falls was really neat! The waterfall gushes out over the pull-over!149751_775161498311_33002761_41286782_2478975_n 75652_775163314671_33002761_41286865_1062238_n 

We got to experience a little bit of snow—this little man was only about three or four inches high.


My favorite part of the trip? I got to go to my very first drive-in movie. We went to the double feature and saw Megamind and Red; both movies were great—even though I dozed off a few times during Red. I was warm and snuggly wrapped up in my blanket and reclined in my car!


Brasstwon Bald is the highest point in Georgia and it was beautiful!

150235_775164597101_33002761_41286936_1990278_n 148530_775165540211_33002761_41286988_8037398_n

I snapped a pic of this little buggie at Persimmon Creek Vineyards. I’ve never seen a lime green lady bug until now!


We saw a bit of Helen and made tracks back home. If you ever have a chance to tool around the North Georgia mountains, I sure hope check out some of these fun stops.

148692_775165774741_33002761_41286995_560690_n   72283_775167850581_33002761_41287028_1094113_n