Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet sticky boy!


While celebrating Mother’s Day at my parents’ house last night, my sister Sami snapped these pictures of Wyatt with a bright rainbow lollipop. She’s got crazy skills. If you’d like to hire her, check her out at Sami M Photography.

IMG_9103e IMG_9124e IMG_9126e IMG_9128e IMG_9148e

 IMG_9136e bw IMG_9139e

Monday, May 7, 2012

Party time!


n Saturday, we hosted a joint first birthday/graduation party for Wyatt and Suzi. There was so much great food, family, and friends!


Wyatt’s colors were red and aqua and Suzi’s colors were red and black so we stuck to red napkins and plates.


   100_1590 100_1606 100_1609 100_1622  IMG_0848 IMG_0866 IMG_1972 IMG_1983 IMG_1988  IMG_7265 

On Sunday, I turned 26 and everyone came over to enjoy leftovers. Look at this nifty personal pie maker my husband got me. I’m excited to discover all the possibilities!

IMG_7403IMG_7401 IMG_7407

Suzi is a graduate


On Saturday morning, we dressed up and headed down to Valdosta to see my middle sister Suzi graduate from Valdosta State University with her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is now certified to be a teacher in the State of Georgia. I hope she finds her dream job. She will be a great teacher!

100_1471 IMG_7390 IMG_7408

Wyatt is one!


We have had an incredibly busy weekend so this will be post #1 of 3. Sorry to bombard you with pictures but a boy only celebrates his first birthday one time and we wanted to do it right.

Justin surprised us with a trip to Zoo Atlanta for Wyatt’s birthday on his big day. We had a great time, even with the 15 million kids there on school trips.

100_1326 100_1341 100_1347 100_1349 100_1360 100_1365 100_1368 100_1372 100_1379 

Our spoiled little boy left the zoo with a stuffed tiger, a stuffed giraffe, and a t-shirt too! We had a great time and I am so glad Justin took the time and effort to plan such a fun outing for us to celebrate Wyatt’s birthday with.

Among other toys, he got a tricycle for his birthday from us. I bought some fun, yet education, Geranimals toys for Wyatt but Justin picked out a flashy red Radio Flyer tricycle that matches the wagon he got for Christmas. His little legs are still a big too short to pedal it, but he likes to sit on it and honk the horn.

100_1401 100_1405 100_1414 

He also got his very own smash cake. Justin, Wyatt, and I had our very own little birthday cake party that night.

100_1427 100_1438 100_1450

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Wyatt had a blast at the local mall in the three-way mirrors while Justin tried on some pants.   IMG_7186 IMG_7188 IMG_7189
I think he ate at least three strawberries right out of the field when we went to pick some at Calhoun Produce.
Justin tosses him up in the air and he giggles like crazy. He actually looked like he was jumping off the roof in this one.
Wyatt was playing at the front door and I was able to snap a quick shot of his curls in silhouette. He is finally getting some hair but it is so blonde it is hard to see.
 IMG_7195 IMG_7202 IMG_7207 
We had a great weekend but it was good to head back to work yesterday. We have a big weekend planned! Justin has a surprise for us on Friday and it’s Wyatt’s first birthday. Saturday is Suzi’s graduation from Valdosta State and their birthday/graduation party, and Sunday is my birthday. I can’t wait!