Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Miscellany

April has been good to us so far. Justin got his first turkey of the season.


Since Jake can’t get around the garden as easily on his crutches, he is relying on Justin, Amanda, Michael, and Ben a lot more for the next few weeks. I showed up right after they got the tomatoes planted and staked and the pepper plants in the ground. Can’t wait for some fresh-grown produce this summer!

IMG_5915 IMG_5916

Speaking of Jake getting help, Justin hopped up on the tractor and worked the pedals for him to work the garden. He misses being able to hop on the tractor and go.


Amanda tells Wyatt about “her bear” she has all the time. The local sporting goods/hardware store has a stuffed bear and Wyatt got so excited when he saw it. “Aunt ‘Manda’s bear!!!!”


Crazy hair courtesy of a dirt road four wheeler ride.


Jake got this adorable picture of Wyatt. I am glad I discovered InStake to download Instagram pics!


I have been traveling a lot for work lately. I have been to Athens twice this month and have another trip coming up in a week and a half. I was excited to see a tropical fish aquarium at the Chinese restaurant I was picking takeout up from and noticed there was a clownfish in there. I Face Timed Wyatt and showed him “Nemo and Dory.” He loved it!


Granny is making herself at home in the nursing home in Ashburn. Wyatt likes visiting her there and he loves the attention he gets from everyone.


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