Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Recap

Justin and I both took off the entire week of Wyatt’s spring break. We wanted to be able to get our yard back in shape after the mess left behind from having 37 trees cut down was just too much for us to handle any more. It turns out being 8 months pregnant doesn’t lend itself very well to bending over and picking up tons of limbs and sticks. Thankfully, Jake and Ben were interested in making some extra money so they came over and helped load two trailers full of stuff to be sent to the burn pil. And burn we did. Justin lit a few of the stumps on fire and even tried to get the huge burn piles to go up in flames. Apparently the wood is still too green because it didn’t burn like he wanted it to even with the help of the blower to stoke the flames.
IMG_6828 IMG_6873 
The cleanup made a huge difference. We got everything edged, grass cut, walkways blown off, and the yard was brand new. We still plan to rent a stump grinder but that will have to be later in the year when everything dries out.
IMG_6935 IMG_6847

Wyatt loved being at home with us in the yard. He managed to overcome his fear of my favorite rooster, made a coat rack for Georgia all by himself, and even helped Justin change out his brakes on his truck.
IMG_6951 IMG_6948 IMG_6990 
We took Friday and Saturday off to do fun stuff. We spent all day Friday enjoying Chehaw Park. We packed a picnic lunch and had a great time. It was their Native American Heritage Festival weekend so there were lots of activities outside of the actual zoo part.
On Saturday, we spent over 6 hours at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture at their Folk Life Festival. It was packed and I was so glad to see it so busy. We spent at least an hour watching the men operate the sawmill. I believe Justin might start to volunteer out there to learn how to run it. We got to see some turpentine distilling and even got small sample bottles.
DYFF6176 FPOK0722      TGSD1140     IMG_7043
Now on to two of Wyatt’s adventures. This boy is just too much!

Wyatt was in the sandbox playing and he said he was with his friend. I told him to come around to the porch and show it to me, thinking he got a chick out of the incubator. He told me he rescued his "best buddy rat" from the cat that was trying to eat him. I stayed calm enough to snap a pic and then called the cat over for his prize. Justin and I just had a ten minute phone conversation with Wyatt about the circle of life and how the cat doesn't eat bagged food but that he hunts rats, frogs, and lizards and that we can't play with rats. He is very distraught because he named this rat and it was his best buddy. I'm not prepared for this part of boy mama-hood.

He also packed his own lunch one day:

When your 4 year old packs his own a Thirty-One casserole carrier. Luckily I checked before we left the house.

Our last big event in April happened without me knowing anything about it: ON PURPOSE.

I had the biggest surprise for my 30th birthday (actual birthday in two weeks).  A co-worker accidently exposed a plan for Justin to host a surprise party for me on April 16. After the "surprise" party was ruined, Justin cancelled it and went to work that morning...or so I thought. Turns out they stuck with the original plan and got me so good! I am so blessed to have been surrounded by family and friends that mean so much to me. It was a wonderful way to see how very loved I am! I should have gotten a big giant group pic of everyone but I didn't think about it.

 IMG_7119  IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7125 IMG_7127