Friday, February 26, 2010

A Love Affair

I’m loving several things right now:

My sweet husband got me a gift certificate to get a pedicure and my nails done for Valentine’s Day (cue the “Awww…”s.)

I have OPI’s “Cajun Shrimp” color on my toes and it’s the perfect shade! It’s a little more orange in person than it looks here, but I might have to go out and buy my very own bottle!

Cajun Shrimp 

This past weekend, we rented Zombieland. I heard it was a funny flick with a little gore, but it was WAY better than I would have expected! I watched it twice. I can’t wait for the {rumored} sequel to come out!


P.S. My intentions were not purely cinematic, however. I really just wanted to watch it because parts of it were filmed at Wild Adventures, which is only about an hour from my house. There’s something really cool about being from a little bitty town in South Georgia and seeing recognizable landmarks in a movie. I spent so many summer days there!


I’m looking forward to a busy weekend, but I’m sure I’ll get a little rest in too!


Hope yours is great!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thirty Cents


This is what $0.30 worth of vegetables looks like!


I went to the Savannah Women’s Show with my mom and my sisters a few weekends ago, and while there we sat in on a brief seminar presented by The Coupon Queeny about frugal shopping with coupons. She mentioned buying coupons online to maximize your savings when you pair them with store sales.

Every Wednesday, I visit the Southern Saver’s website and check out her coupon matchups for Harvey’s Supermarket. She does all the work for me, including links to any printable coupons that are available or the newspaper coupon insert in which the manufacturer’s coupons can be found.

This week, Wednesday February 10 through Tuesday, February 16, Harvey’s had Birdseye frozen veggies and Birdseye Steamfresh frozen veggies on sale for $1 a bag. I know Harvey’s doubles coupons up to $0.50 and I found $0.50 off coupons online on Coupons by Dede. I purchased twenty coupons on her site for $3.40 last Wednesday.

My coupons came in the mail on Saturday, I went to Harvey’s today and walked out with twenty bags of broccoli, peas, and corn after handing over the cashier only one quarter and one nickel, which equated to the 3% sales tax on the pre-coupon amount.

There are some people who say couponing doesn’t pay off for them or that they can only buy junk food that isn’t good for their families. You can see that this is all frozen vegetables-so no junk food there. The whole process took me less than 20 minutes including the time in the store. That $30 in savings means that I would have to make $90 an hour for my couponing to not be worth it, and trust me—that’s waaayyyy more than I make at my regular job!

Try it—you might just surprise even yourself!

Cosmo, Glamour, Southern Living. . .you know!

My husband has come to his wits’ end. He just might divorce me. Not because of my incessant, wake-up-the-neighbors-two-doors-down snoring. Not because of my love for Judge Judy, Jeopardy! and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

But. It’s due to my insane need to accumulate magazine subscriptions and hand-me-down issues of my mama’s. Just last week, I received ten (10!!!!) magazines or catalogs. As part of my new year’s probablyisn’tgoingtohappenbutlet’sbepositiveanyway resolution, I vowed that I would keep my magazines in check and recycle them or pass them on to someone else before they overtook our living room.

Well, here is my first effort and it only took me a month and a half to get it done. I found this old magazine holder, not unlike the picture, laying around not in use. (Curious, huh?)

Old Magazine

I decided with my newfound love for Mod Podge-ing things, I must make it BEAUTIFUL! ATTRACTIVE! WONDERFUL!

In my crazy head, slap a little paper and Elmer’s glue on it and I can’t wait to use it. So TA-DA! Here is my spiffy “new” magazine holder-in use and everything!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in South Georgia!

Today, we had snow in Ashburn and it STUCK! Whoo-hoo! Here are a few pictures of the fun:


Skie’s first snow

 100_4731 100_4732 100_4733

We’re home of the Fireant Festival—you should check us out the fourth Friday of March.


We’re also home to the world’s largest peanut, right on I-75.





Exit 82 on Interstate 75








I had just thrown my tennis shoes in the washer when it started to snow, so I stepped outside for a quick picture with my flip flops on :)


I borrowed Justin’s hunting boots for a little more appropriate attire!




Justin worked at the fire department today, but they were able to have a little fun of their own, too!

 Justin fire department0212101746 0212101749