Friday, October 31, 2014

October Odds ‘n Ends

October has been an incredibly busy month for us, but we have managed to squeeze in a lot of fun and projects even with the busy calendar.
I made this magnolia wreath with just a $1 styrofoam form and some floral tape. I think this one is okay, but next time I will use a rounded form and some hot glue to make sure it stays in place. It has since dried out and the leaves are curling up and falling like crazy. This is a short term wreath, but it only took 30 minutes so I don’t think I really mind having to redo it every so often and putting in another $1 for a form every time.
IMG_2508 IMG_2511
I planted my spring bulbs. I can’t wait to see the bright hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and crocus blooms in the front yard this spring!
Mama, Sami, Wyatt, and I went to Calhoun Produce’s Flash Light Night in the Corn Maze. Poor Liam got sick at the last minute so they missed out on the fun. As a consequence, Wyatt was lit up like a Christmas tree from all of the glow stick accessories Mama purchased for the boys.
We had a great time in the corn maze. It was amazing to see so many cars packing the parking lot! Wyatt especially liked the late night wagon ride to see the animals. That’s always one of his favorite parts of visiting Calhoun’s on any day!
IMG_2733 IMG_2758
We roasted marshmallows over big fire pits. I can tell you Wyatt was hopped up on sugar and didn’t sleep until we got home after 10:00 p.m. that night.
IMG_2751 IMG_2762 
Another one of my cheapie projects is turning this adorable (but plain) blue plate from IKEA (thanks, SIL!) into a cute little counter decoration by adding a Georgia Grown vinyl cutout and pairing it with an old medicine bottle we found by the road, some goldenrod, and a small Bath & Body Works candle and pedestal.
Justin killed his first deer of the season and asked me to keep Wyatt up until he got home that night. Wyatt was so excited; his daddy bought him new camo that day, too. He was all ready to start hunting after that night!
We also got a new kitten. I had forgotten how small they were and I’m going to have to put this one in the pen at night so she doesn’t crawl up into my car engine to keep warm this winter.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Camping at Lake Blackshear

Justin, Wyatt, and I loaded up our pop-up camper and headed to Georgia Veterans State Park in Cordele this past week. We had a camp spot right on Lake Blackshear and it was wonderful!
When we picked the dates to camp, we were just looking for a time when we both could be off for a few days. We didn’t realize there was going to be so much to do at the park that weekend. Lucky us!
We got all set up on Thursday. Justin and I spent some time watching the squirrels in action. Those sneaky things were all over our picnic table and Wyatt’s toys!
IMG_3035 IMG_3036
Later that evening, Justin was taking Wyatt to the deer woods for the first time so we spent some time practicing in our “deer blind” (our camper) being quiet and watching the squirrels.
Wyatt got some chocolate eyeballs and was so silly!
Here are the boys all decked out in their camo for Wyatt’s first hunting trip. They are so much like each other!
IMG_3064  IMG_3065 
While Justin and Wyatt were gone, I propped my feet up and read this book about agritourism in Georgia. It was so neat to see my friends and label the farms and stops I wanted to see in the future.
51e 39p08pL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
On Friday, I rented a bicycle from the park rangers to ride along with Wyatt. My seat kept tilting up so that wasn’t comfortable at all! We opted to walk around the lake shore, checking out the marina and even playing in the water. I can’t believe it was warm enough in late October to wade in the water, but that’s South Georgia for you!
Friday night, my in-laws, Desiree and Sheldon, stopped by the camp ground and ate with us. Justin cooked a pot roast with carrots and potatoes in his Dutch oven. I am so proud of him!
After supper, we went up to the park’s visitor center to ride the hay ride. We didn’t know this was happening until the week before. We paid $3 for the ride.
IMG_3105  IMG_3112
We were surprised when the hay ride took us into the woods to a clearing full of pumpkins. Included in your ticket was a small pumpkin! What a happy surprise! We decorated the pumpkins with foam face cut outs. They are all so much fun to see!
IMG_3119 IMG_3125
On Saturday, Suzi, David, Liam, Pax, and Sami joined us for lunch. It was fun having all of the boys there. Pax was so content to sit with us in the shade until nap time and Sami took Wyatt and Liam to the playground and for an impromptu photo shoot in the leaves.
IMG_3139 IMG_3141
After they left, we gave Wyatt the shortest nap in the history of naps. I don’t think he was asleep for more than 20 minutes before it was time to get him up again. We had free tickets to ride the Sam Shortline train pulled by Thomas the Train for A Day Out With Thomas. Wyatt had a good time. The ride was only about 15 minutes or so across the lake and back. There were some kids there that were almost jumping out of their skin to see Thomas. I suppose if it was Lightning McQueen, Wyatt would be the same way.
IMG_3158 IMG_3162
After Thomas, we headed back to the camp site. Amanda, Michael, Jake, Ben, and Rivers were all there. We had a hearty dinner of chicken perlo, again compliments of Justin’s mean Dutch oven skills. It was delicious!
We all loaded up on the hay ride again, picking out even more pumpkins. This time, the kids were able to paint their designs.
IMG_3190 IMG_3192
After pumpkin decorating, we rounded out the weekend with s’mores over the fire pit.
We had a really great time. I’m glad we can spend time as a family and it doesn’t have to be at a theme park or some other incredibly costly resort. Justin and I have a goal to visit as many state parks as we can over the next few years. I think it’s a fun and lofty goal that will let us get to see more of the state!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunbelt Ag Expo

Two weeks ago, Moultrie, Georgia hosted on of the largest ag expos in the country, the Sunbelt Ag Expo. I am always excited for the Expo to come around, but this year was especially fun because Wyatt really liked seeing all of the implements and tractors. I got to see a bit of the fun with Wyatt and Justin this time. He loved the Georgia Grown gear and all of the free stuff he picked up at every turn.
Wyatt “milked a goat” at the Fort Valley State building.
My little worker bee tried to get every single passerby to purchase a Market Bulletin subscription.
My favorite part was when Dallas, editor of the Market Bulletin, interviewed Wyatt. She was so sweet to send me the recording! It was absolutely precious!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Georgia National Fair

This year was the 25th anniversary of the Georgia National Fair, or the Perry Fair as we call it. I worked with the Georgia Grown team in our building for three very long days. I had a great time meeting all kinds of people. I really am glad to have a great crew of folks to work with. Check out these awesome Georgia Grown pumpkins!
IMG_2127 IMG_2128
One day I parked at the wrong side of the fair and dreaded walking back in the heavy mist so I hopped on the Agri-Lift and got to see the fair in all of its glory.
Without fail this is one of my favorite pictures to snap every time the fair comes around! I love seeing the reflection of the ride lights on the pond. I was even featured on Explore Georgia’s blog!
On Friday, Justin, Wyatt, and I headed up to the fair to have some fun together. We got Wy the most adorable cowboy hat. It is supposed to be the “Brad Paisley Jr.” model but it was secretly the only one that would fit him.
IMG_2553 IMG_2555 IMG_2556
IMG_2566 IMG_2567
I even got to feed the camel at the petting zoo. I later found out I wasn’t supposed to. He/She kept trying to steal my cup!