Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Move over, Clark Griswold!

My hubby’s on the move. He spent yesterday in the arctic blasts putting up our Christmas lights and the local kids’ favorite part—our inflatable helicopter. We have literally had requests from one of the mamas who takes her little boy to the day care down our block. He’s been expecting Santa’s arrival in the helicopter since we took down the Halloween decorations.

I think he did an awesome job. We have those huge old-fashioned C9 lights so they’re big and bright and chunky…just the way I like ‘em!


I also finally got around to making our new stockings. I am not thrilled with them, but I did it without a pattern or really any idea of what I was actually doing. We will try round #2 of homemade stocking making next year when our little one celebrates his or her first Christmas!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Product Review on the Way

Y’all! I am so excited--I was approached to review a product by CSN Stores, which is home to over 200 sites including luggage stores, accent furniture, and (my personal favorite) cookware!
CSN Stores
I’ve got big plans for this holiday season, including making lots of candy. Stay tuned and see what CSN has hooked me up with and see my true blue honest review of the process!

Babies all snuggled up

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Newest ornament

I STILL haven’t posted the picture of the cute snow-couple ornament my mama bought be with the baby bump on the snow-mama (I almost cried when I got it!), but here is a quick shot of my newest ornament I picked up at the Hallmark store this weekend.

Here’s a snapshot of our tree, complete with presents and the nice, cozy fire Justin built last night.

We had our hometown holiday festivities this weekend and I snapped this shot of Sandy-claws (just watched The Nightmare Before Christmas) admiring the big Christmas tree in the park. Thanks to my mama for recognizing what a fun shot it would be!