Friday, September 30, 2016

September Miscellany

September was filled with lots of bloggable moments that didn't deserve an entire post to each thing so here is the recap:

We celebrated Suzi's 27th birthday.

Poor Wyatt grew a ton since last hunting season.

Dentist visits go great for my sweet boy.

Sami bought this really neat retro chair and I helped her recover it with this Dalmatian print cloth. I would love to have this in my house!

Snappin' all the time!

G had her four month old check up and we accidentally matched.

Dirt road walks are a staple now that the weather is *marginally* cooling off.

And of course, to help myself deal with the craziness of these presidential debates, I had to add Snapchat filters to the candidates.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Work Lately

Work has taken me all over the state again this month. I think these highlights are pretty fun. We kicked off the Governor's Tourism Conference in the Delta Museum hangar. I think mass selfies on a decommissioned passenger airplane make for some great times!

The Georgia Grown Trail 41 as well as the Georgia Grown program won some awards. I am proud of this group and the efforts they are making to promote rural south Georgia.

Georgia On My Mind Day had us celebrating our great Peach State and the wonderful tourism attractions it has to offer. I hopped in front of the green screen with Commissioner Black and my coworker Beth to pretend that we were at Southern Belle Farms in McDonough.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Growing Up Fast

Last weekend the Cook/Perry crew made their way over to Sale City to celebrate Sheldon's birthday. I didn't even think to snap a group photo but I did manage to get these shots of Wyatt. It never ceases to amaze me how fast he is growing up. He looks like a mini teenager and dresses just like his Daddy! I love this munchkin and his spunky little personality so very much!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Georgia Aquarium

The final part of our adventurous weekend was visiting the Georgia Aquarium. They have added several new shows since we have been there last. We loved the sea lions and the dolphin show. The whole place is a showstopper and the kids had a blast! Even full on a Sunday, it wasn't terribly crowded getting around. The only bad thing was they make you park your stroller. For a mama of a 4 month old, that led to either a lot of hauling baby bags and gear or stopping by the stroller check every hour for diapers, etc. Thankfully I had Georgia's carrier and was able to let her ride on me rather than juggling a newborn and a five year old.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stone Mountain

Like I said in the post before, this summer Mama and Daddy had a yard sale to clean out their old house. Mama said that any money we raised would go toward a family trip. We all planned to visit Stone Mountain and the Georgia Aquarium. 

Stone Mountain was fun this time of year and it wasn't terribly hot. We planned our day out so that we would have plenty of time for breaks if the heat was too bad. We loved watching the laser show on the lawn and even Miss Priss managed to stay up long enough to watch most of it.