Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Whole Month of January

I didn’t blog ONCE since New Years Day and that was hardly a content-packed piece. Here is my sorry excuse for a catch-up blog for the entire month of activity. They’re all out of order but we had a lot of fun anyways!
393928_10100301479275241_33002761_44442819_578298891_n 421481_10100301478781231_33002761_44442813_324617771_n 
One of my best good friends got married this past weekend. Jessica was such a beautiful bride and we had a great time celebrating her marriage to Clay, another high school friend of mine.
IMG_4904 409152_10100303661432181_33002761_44452168_1366969768_n
Wyatt got to try out his riding gear. He loves his little sit n’ scoot four wheeler. Amanda and the kids found their old push car and Wyatt got to ride for hours the other day too. IMG_4954 IMG_4972 IMG_4945
I had an agritourism conference for work in Savannah and Justin and Wyatt got to come along. My sister Sami lives there for college so she and my mama were there too. Justin and I were able to sneak away for part of one evening and we got the chance to eat at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House all alone! It was fun and we were able to squeeze some mall time in while Mama and Sami kept Wyatt.
IMG_5015 IMG_5032
We were just “hanging out:” {HAHA!} and realized Wyatt could hold himself up for a few seconds like a baby Hulk. He also got to sit in the little car while the boys PRETENDED to haul him (the golf cart DIDN’T move an inch!).
Wyatt’s standing up and scooting along the couches and chairs now. It won’t be long before he starts walking and it’s all over for any little bit of rest I might have thought I could get.
I got a big time hair cut and donated over 8 inches of hair to the Pink Hearts Fund, which makes wigs for children with cancer at no cost.
Wyatt got to experience all kinds of fun stuff this month! He rode the tractor with Justin as we were preparing a spot for our honeybees (that’s gonna take a whole blog post on its own).
IMG_5218 IMG_5231
Bath time is such a great time for fun. Every single night I get Wyatt out of the tub and stand him up in front of the mirror and he smiles like crazy. I think he might start looking a tiny bit like me now. He has my nose at the very least.
IMG_5239 IMG_5265
We celebrated two fun birthdays this month. My oldest nephew Jake turned 10 years old. I can’t believe that when Justin and I started dating, he hadn’t even been conceived and now he’s hit the double digit mark! Also, we celebrated my daddy’s birthday with carrot cake and Wyatt got his little bitty hands right in that icing. He’s got a major sweet tooth for an 8 month old but we limit his sweets to a bite here and there.
IMG_5289 IMG_5411

Wyatt is coming up with the most hilarious faces now. Mama said I used to make the same face when I was little and she calls it the Mr. Magoo face.
Jake, Ben, and Rivers colored their faces the other day with washable markers and I couldn’t resist giving Wy a little mustache. Can you tell he’s got built-in friends for life with his cousins? They all love him so much!
IMG_5311 IMG_5313 
Wyatt loves his Nanny, my grandmother. At 80+ years old she is still going strong and loves when we visit with Wyatt. I am glad he is around to see her. I never got to be around my other grandmother, much less my great-grandmother so this is very special that he knows her.
Last but not least, Justin got my college diploma framed and helped me put it up in my office this past week. It’s been rolled up in a tube for three years now and I never would have spent the money to get it properly framed but Justin treats me so well. I am so proud of that paper!
Well, now that’s January. Hopefully I can keep up with February a lot better!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year’s Fun

IMG_4861 IMG_4874 IMG_4880 IMG_4882

On New Year’s Eve, Justin had to work so I took Wyatt out to the airport to check out his Pop’s plane. Wyatt didn’t get to go up but he was quite happy to check it out on the ground.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Amanda and Michael’s celebrating the new year with good snacks and then visited with Jonathan and played trivia for a bit. Wyatt was a trooper. He went to bed a little later than usual—9:45—but didn’t make it to see the big ball drop in NYC.


Why, hello brand new year! I hope this year is as great as you could ever hope for!