Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family Fun at Calhoun Produce

Calhoun Produce is a mainstay in our family. They have great activities to keep the kids occupied and wonderful food products to make me happy.
Mama, Suzi, Liam, Wyatt, and I met out there for the Family Fun on the Farm. Wyatt was so excited. On the way to pick Mama up at her house, he was telling me in one long run-on sentence all of the things he was going to see. I don’t think he stopped to catch his breath. It’s cute that he can’t say “Calhoun’s” right now. For some reason he has it mixed up in his mind that it’s “Hal-coun’s.”
We started out the day with lunch (chicken salad croissant and strawberry lemonade slush- YUM!) and made our way to the wagon ride.
Wyatt loved the “goats”—they’re really sheep.
After the wagon ride, we checked out the latest addition to the farm-PIG RACES! We bought the boys pig noses and cheered the little piglets as they made their way around the track. It was only about a minute or so of racing, but the kids were so excited (well, and this mama too!).
We wrapped up the day with duck races and picked a few strawberries to take home.
The Calhouns and their employees treat us like family and I cannot recommend a visit out there enough!

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