Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pop Up Camper, Part 1

Amanda and Michael bought a new camper this February and graciously gave us their old one. We are so grateful they sent it our way! They bought it before Rivers was born, so it served them well for eight years. After replacing the cable that allows it to pop up, the only thing wrong with it was that the fiberglass roof was peeling up and the duct tape used to patch it was flapping around.
Justin scraped the old roof material off to expose the fiberglass below. He found camper roof sealer paint at Home Depot. Here it is after six quick coats. He might add more to ensure a good coating, but so far it is pretty amazing.
We have some plans to spiff it up and make it new to us, including lots of tips and tricks from Pinterest, but we are so excited to take it on its inaugural camping trip in a few weeks!

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Eric Oitker said...

Check out popupportal.com for all the tips,tricks and gizmos for popup camping! You will be glad you did.