Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter fun

We started off Easter at Justin’s parents’ house with all the traditional family fun and food. Wyatt was excited to tell everyone about the “me-size shovel” the Easter bunny brought him. The food was excellent and I wanted to slip into a food coma/nap immediately afterward.
Easter dinner #2 was started a bit late because Wyatt didn’t want to get up from his afternoon nap. I didn’t get a picture of the deliciousness that covered my Mama’s island but it was all fabulous. After we ate, Wyatt acted silly and wore Mimi’s glasses. I have some pictures Sami snapped of Wyatt but those will be in a separate post.
When we came home, Wyatt wanted to go outside and play in the mud on the dirt road. He had a blast and the dogs chased him all around. They all three love the water and after getting 6”+ of rain this week, they were surrounded by it.
Justin got the tractor out and fixed the road in front of our driveway so I could get to work the next day. He must have done a good job because I had no problems at all getting in and out.
Later that night, Amanda and Mrs. Desiree and Rivers brought over this tom cat. Their mama cat just had kittens and he was slinking around their yard. They were afraid the tom cat would kill the new babies, so they brought him to our house. He is gorgeous, but I haven’t seen him since that day. I feed him and the food is gone everyday so either he’s eating or I’m feeding someone else’s cat.

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