Monday, August 31, 2015

Chicken Update #5

The Cook Coop is overflowing with happy chickens, guineas, and Doc Bunny these days. We tried to let the guineas out in the yard but May’s cattle dog instincts proved too much for us to have free-roaming animals. She managed to nip out a few tail feathers before the guineas made their way back to the coop. Aren’t they pretty?!
IMG_0212 IMG_0211 
The roost is wildly successful. The chickens enjoy it so much that they sleep out there at night still.
Doc Bunny likes hanging out with the chickens. I snapped her pic here nuzzling up under one of our blue Maran hens.
We got the frizzle and sizzle chicks transferred to the big coop. They are small but mighty! They can take on a grown rooster any time!
IMG_0399 IMG_0445
I have been amazed at the variety of eggs we’re getting. I love seeing the colors, shapes, and size ranges we get. These make me smile every single day!
IMG_0325 IMG_0160 IMG_0465

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last of the summer fun

We had a ton of fun this summer and we wanted to make the last few weeks before Wyatt started Pre-K super special.
Justin, Wyatt, and I spent a full day of hot fun at Wild Adventures. We were able to ride rides, check out the animals, and enjoy Splash Island waterpark.
IMG_0069  IMG_0061
I had a conference call for work so Justin promised Wyatt $10 to spend at the gift shop while I walked out to the car. Of course, Wyatt Cook found a pop gun to hunt stuffed animals! He is so much like his daddy!
Worship on Wednesdays with church was a lot of fun too. One Tuesday night, Liam got to spend the night with us. These boys are a mess. We took care of Sami’s plants at the studio, explored the dirt road with wagons in tow, and they sufficiently managed to destroy the play room and clean it up promptly.
IMG_0031 IMG_0039IMG_0037
The next day we went to Freckles Skate Center in Moultrie to have a little fun. Wyatt loved the Razor scooters the most!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wyatt is in Pre-K!


Cue the tears. This was Wyatt on his first day of Doodlebugs Daycare and his last day. It was hard leaving the wonderful women and the comforting environment we had known for four years. He was a trooper and did a great job leaving though.


Justin and I went to open house and Wyatt took to his teacher immediately, playing with toys and having a blast while we filled out paperwork.

For his first day of school, Wyatt did great. I walked him in to his classroom and he didn’t cry. Heck, I didn’t even cry!



The toughest part was on the second day of school when he said, “It’s okay, Mama. You don’t have to walk me in.” Oh my breaking heart! Mama tells me all the time that parenting is the only job where you work diligently to make yourself obsolete. It is definitely a tough reality this mama is sure to face many times over the next 20 years.

July Garden Update

June and early July have been good for our garden. We have had plenty of opportunity to gather up cucumbers, peppers, and squash out of the garden. Let me tell you, it is a real pleasure to bring a fresh grocery bag of produce to family when you visit!
IMG_9093 IMG_9095 IMG_9145 
One late afternoon, I picked my dessert right off the bushes at Justin’s Papa Theron’s house. Sun-warmed blueberries are the cure for most of what ails you!
Justin and I picked flat beans and snap beans from a friend’s garden and I spent the majority of one night snapping them and popping the ends off. We canned them up and have them on the shelf for great tasting sides at supper.
 IMG_9365 IMG_9388 
I have also been blessed to have been given some delicious peaches from some local farms that we peeled and froze. We also bought a box of firm, tangy peaches and made peach jam from them. Peach is my favorite jelly/jam/preserve.
IMG_9434 IMG_9416 IMG_9423 
We had a volunteer sunflower pop up as a residual of last year’s crop. I’m sad we didn’t plant any this year. We had our potatoes on this piece of garden.
IMG_9528 IMG_9529 
We also have an abundance of habanero peppers that we don’t know what to do with. I accidentally bought two habanero plants when I thought I was getting bell peppers. Luckily, our local newspaper editor loves them and is happy to use all I can bring him.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Silhouette Projects

We have been making very good use of my Mama’s Silhouette machine lately. My favorite project was this candy jar for Uncle Glynn’s birthday. He is always plying Wyatt with sweet treats and loves Dum Dum suckers himself, so we loaded it up with tons of goodies.

I bought a new car after having my trusty Camry for 7 1/2 years! I bought my very first, less-than-100 miles on the odometer car and have been very happy with my RAV4. I jokingly say that I needed more room for all the junk in my trunk. Seriously I have a ton of work supplies, personal stuff, and estate sale/junking hauls to carry around. I had to dress it up with a new monogram and a Georgia Grown logo. I have had a monogram on my car for over 10 years now and I figured I better not break tradition. I went outside the box a bit and did my Georgia Grown logo in pink and green.
IMG_0231 IMG_0230
Finally, my friend Katy requested a monogram for her daughter Sadie. I bought this gorgeous sparkly heat transfer vinyl and went to town! I managed to find plain tees at Walmart in the men’s section in great summery colors for $2 each! We even made some with Sami’s photography logo. I am so excited to see how great they turned out!