Sunday, June 18, 2017

Creamed Corn Class

I helped coordinate a class for our local canning plant to teach people how to make creamed corn. We had a wonderful group of people from four surrounding counties and even some work friends from Gwinnett County!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hot Air Balloons in Cordele

Mama, Wyatt, Georgia, and I went to Georgia Veterans State Park in Cordele to see the hot air balloon glow for the Watermelon Festival last week. Justin was working so he missed out on the fun. We loved watching the balloons get set up even though the gnats and the heat were straight out of hades. We were able to take a tethered ride that just went up about 30 feet or so but I can at least say I did it now! When we were heading up, Mrs. Desiree called and said they were there. They were able to see us go up. Amanda, Michael and the kids wanted to do a tethered ride too so they grabbed Wyatt and took him for a second turn. Lucky kid!