Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Miscellany

Here is a bit of what the Cook family has been doing this month (or as I see it: Wyatt’s adventures with a random picture of other people thrown in here and there).

Justin went turkey hunting with friends down in Florida and killed a big one. IMG_2979.JPG (2)

Ashburn temperatures finally made using the splash pad for the first time feasible. We had a BLAST and plan to utilize it a lot this summer!

IMG_4702   IMG_4718   IMG_4727 

Even Jeb got in on the action:


I discovered Jeb likes to snuggle as close as possible when Wyatt’s napping.

 IMG_4864 IMG_4875


Visits to Justin and the fire department and the EMS are never dull!

 IMG_4938 IMG_4943 IMG_4944 IMG_5210

Homemade tree swings are fun to play on with older cousins.


Rivers turned 7 this year and had her party at Dream It Gymnastics. Everyone—and I do mean EVERYONE—told me that it would be hard to get out of that big foam pit. I did it anyway. I took a big old Tarzan swing into the very middle and sunk alllllll the way to the bottom and couldn’t get up. It was terrifying and I will NEVER do it again.

IMG_5064 IMG_5105  IMG_5131 

Wyatt got a girlfriend when he was there! He and Ella are about 6 months apart.IMG_5122

IMG_5136 IMG_5142 IMG_5159   

Wyatt has started picking up my phone and saying, “Cheese, Mama!” I think he might be a little too used to a camera in his face Smile


Homemade caprese salad with made from scratch mozzarella at my mom and dad’s house:



With Sophie, my in-laws’ dog.

These adorable flowers were $4 for the whole bunch at Publix. I think this will become a regular tradition!

 IMG_5259 IMG_5260

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Suzi’s First Shower

I was proud to help host my middle sister’s first bridal shower. I took an unusual approach but we had lots of fun.
A new trend taking over our area is sign painting parties where participants paint themed metal door signs for various holidays and seasons. With Justin and my SIL Amanda’s help, we cut out twelve different shapes that were relevant to each of the months of the year and let each guest paint a personalized sign for Suzi and David’s new house. We had a blast!
IMG_4997 IMG_5037
I cut out a few extra signs in case we had more than 12 participants, so we let Liam (Suzi’s future stepson) paint a sign for his new room.
Suzi and David are die hard Atlanta Braves and Georgia Bulldogs fans so we had to make sure we represented them well for spring and fall. Mine was the football.
IMG_5009 IMG_5032 IMG_5026IMG_5038IMG_5040IMG_5045 IMG_5043
Here are all twelve and Liam’s lined up in month order.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Photo Shoot

IMG_8036e bw

My sister Sami snapped some adorable shots of Wyatt with a new chevron bow tie she purchased for her photography business and I can’t help but be so proud!

 IMG_8038e IMG_8048e IMG_8059e bw IMG_8063e IMG_8070e 

Wyatt’s having a red tractor birthday party for his second birthday and we were able to get a few of him on Pop’s tractor and his little green tractor toy. He was not being very cooperative that day, but we did what we could with the help of a few lollipop bribes.

IMG_8073e IMG_8076e IMG_8141e IMG_8145e

Want to know more about Sami’s photography? Check her out at Sami M Photography!