Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming attractions

I know that my life is going to change dramatically in the next month or so with Wyatt making his grand debut, but this year’s coming attractions are soooo tempting. More than likely, I will have to wait for most of these to come out on DVD because the reality of having baby-free time in a dark theater will more than likely equal nap time rather than movie time for me.

Here are a few of the movies coming out that I can’t wait to see. No matter what, I will be seeing the final Harry Potter film in theaters and also the latest Twilight movie!



Rio is one I won’t mind catching on DVD. It seems like a cute family movie that I might buy when it comes out for when Wyatt is a little older. My parents had a massive Disney video collection for my sisters and me, so I might want to get a jump start on a good collection for him and his future siblings.



This movie is based on what is quite possibly the best book I have read in years. I will definitely risk going into labor during the show to see this one in theaters. I just don’t want to wait for it to come out on DVD!


4-22-11 & 5-26-11

I love each and every one of the Madea movies and Justin’s favorite movie lately is The Hangover so I know these two are on the must-rent list for one of the rare baby-free nights we get when Wyatt is at one of his grandparents’ houses.



Wyatt’s Aunt Suzi loves Cars, so I am sure this will be in our video collection for when he’s old enough to watch it!



My sister Sami and I will be first in line to see this final epic movie of the Harry Potter series. The last movie was mediocre in my opinion, but I really hope this one wraps up the saga with as much fanfare as it truly deserves.

eng the help


I read this book in less than two nights. I was such a great story and I can’t wait to see how it turns out as a movie. I loved Emma Stone in Zombieland and Easy A, so I am sure she will do the main character justice. I guess I’ll be waiting for my favorite Movie Shack to get this one in stock on DVD too!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Title Treatment


By far, I think this will be my favorite movie from the Twilight series. The first half of the last book was the most intriguing and captivating and I hope the movie does well with it. I will be seeing this one in theaters with my sister Sami, too!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fire Ant Fun

This past weekend was my hometown’s annual Fire Ant Festival. It is such a blast, but this year was particularly hectic.


Justin has developed an interest in cooking some pretty awesome barbecue and when he found out there was going to be a BBQ competition, he was the first person to sign up.

We had a good time and thankfully he had his brother-in law Michael and his friend Matt to help with the hands-on stuff he couldn’t do with his cast.

The only win the guys got was for third place in the sauce category, but there was some pretty experienced competition. We heard from one of the judges that their entry was pretty awesome considering this was their first competition. Although I’m a little biased, I like to think it was out of this world. I hurt myself eating pulled pork and baby back ribs.

I snapped a few quick shots of the Friday night fireworks show and the strawberry cookoff, but I was a major slacker in the picture department this time! You can check out some drool-worthy shots on my my sister Sami’s FB photo page here.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Scenes from my phone

I have a ton of pictures to post from the past few weeks. As you can tell, Justin has been my #1 priority so I haven’t been blogging regularly. Here are a few shots from my phone. I will have plenty more when I can download my camera card.


Justin and I saw this awesome coffee table with a flip-up top at a local auction, but it ended up going for more than we were willing to pay. I’m hoping he can make one that is similar when he’s all healed up and we get a little extra time (which may not be a reality with Wyatt making his debut in the next month or so!)

IMG_0079 IMG_0080

I spotted these lovelies at the local Wally World and could kick myself for not picking some up. Both the hyacinths and the tulips are sold out!

IMG_0099 IMG_0149 IMG_0113

Wyatt’s room is coming together perfectly. We have some wall d├ęcor to hang and that’s about it. We got the new stroller assembled and have to install the car seat base in my car and order a second one for Justin.

IMG_0105 IMG_0137

This is where the bullet that got Justin’s finger ended up. Aside from the small hole, the couch appears to be fine. Justin was camped out there for the three days following his surgery.


I snapped this awesome shot of my niece Rivers and my sister Suzi on a quick nap break from this weekend’s festival fun.


Finally, my sister Sami commissioned my SIL Amanda to make this adorable owl hat for Wyatt! She is so talented and I’m trying to talk her into opening up an Etsy shop.

Whew! What a whirlwind post that was! More about the Fire Ant Festival fun later this week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

From five to, um, four

As you are sure to know from my last post, Justin and I have had quite a week. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday and on Thursday we met with the hand specialist in Macon. From everything we read, we were going to see on of the nation’s most-respected hand surgeons. He really knows his stuff. As a matter of fact, he’s the doctor that used a man’s big toe to replace a lost thumb (one of the most vital appendages and part of what separates us from most of the rest of the animal world).

When we met with the doctor, I immediately had a good feeling and Justin seemed to be impressed with his bedside manner. After discussing the options, we came to the decision that was so hard to make: they would remove the injured finger.

We traveled back to Macon today for surgery and Justin seems to be managing quite well (PTL!!!). There will be some tough adjustments, but I think this is a small trial compared to what others have faced and overcome. I am so so unbelievably thankful for every blessing that I have been given!

Bless his heart- Justin was such a good sport letting me snap a few pictures on my phone for posterity. Here is a little before and after action.

photo (1)photo

He wasn’t flipping a bird in the second picture, he was just holding up his hand for me to snap a pic!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A terrible ordeal

Tired. Scared. Terrified is more like it.

Monday afternoon, I got a call from my sister while at work asking if I was okay. I said yes and asked her why she was asking and she told me someone had seen the ambulance at my house (hooray for living in a small town) and was concerned since I am so close to my due date. I told her I was okay and the guys in the ambulance probably just saw Justin in the yard and stopped to talk.

Shortly thereafter, my MIL called and asked me to take a ride. I asked her to give me a minute to let my boss know and she said for me to just grab my purse and come on outside to her waiting car. I made it halfway out to the parking lot when it just clicked in my brain that the ambulance had been at my house for JUSTIN. My husband. The love of my life. The father of my unborn son. I broke down. Mrs. Desiree wouldn't tell me what happened. We just had to get to the ER to see Justin.

When I walked in, I couldn't comprehend what could possibly be wrong. His hand was wrapped up in gauze. I thought he must have slammed his fingers in the grill because he had been outside cleaning it when I talked to him at lunch.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to piece together the story. Justin got a new pistol from my dad on Sunday (the day before this happened). He was trying to get used to how it felt in his hand and said the gun just went off even though he "knew" he unloaded it. The bullet hit at least the index finger on his left hand.

After he went into surgery, the doctor told us it would take two days to determine if blood flow was still getting to the badly injured finger and if they would be able to save it with a prosthetic joint. Today, the surgeon examined the finger and has decided to send us to an orthopedic hand specialist in Macon. We will know more about what can be done after his appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Please don't get discouraged. Guns have their place. I just hope everyone can see this terrible lesson as a reminder to be extra cautious when handling, storing, and shooting any weapon. It turns out he had mostly unloaded the revolver. He opened the cartridge, tipped the bullets out, and popped it back in the gun. When my parents went by the house to lock the gun up, they found one spent cartridge in the chamber. When my dad pressed the release, it pulled the spent cartridge back in. There must have been a sticky chamber that didn't fully release the bullets and Justin didn't count the unspent bullets when he unloaded the gun. Count your bullets, folks. Check and re-check. It is so worth it to take the few extra seconds.

Throughout this entire ordeal, we have been so blessed with the care and concern of friends and family via text message, phone calls, and Facebook updates. We are so thankful that this has just affected only one finger and nothing more serious. It is truely a divine wake up call. We have been so safety-consious when it comes to guns that it is truly unreal that something like this could happen to Justin.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Super busy weekend

I had a really crazy weekend. I joked with my boss this morning that is was nice to come to work just to slow down from all of the craziness!

I started out my Saturday with a firearm safety class with my parents and I might have showed out just a little at the range.


After that, I had my second baby shower. I had a blast and I got to see some great friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Shower 4

Yesterday, my sister Sami, SIL Amanda, and I went out and got some super maternity shots. My favorite?


They are soooooo awesome!

I have more pictures of the shower and the few sneak peak shots over on the baby blog.

P.S. Check out Sami’s photography page on Facebook.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Weekend

This weekend I have my second baby shower hosted by one of my best friends,


a gun safety class with my mama (gotta protect my bambino when his daddy’s not around!),


Justin’s finishing up Wyatt’s armoire for the nursery,


(this isn’t it, but it’s pretty close)

and hopefully swapping out our room and the nursery. We think we have a better floorplan in mind to give us a bit more room.


WHEW! I’m gonna have to go back to work on Monday to get a break from my weekend!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Dreams, part 2

Remember those big dreams I had last week about a Vera Bradley spending spree?

Well, one of my wishes came true at my baby shower this past Saturday. I opened a gift from my SIL and this beauty was waiting for me. It is the coolest diaper bag and it’s in my new favorite print!


Whoo hoo!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Musical Rut

I have been in a complete rut—musically that is. I can’t get excited about many new songs. Country music is letting me down big time. Spring is usually full of catchy new songs that I can’t get out of my head, but for the time being, there’s just one that I can’t get enough of:

Every.single.time. I hear this one on the radio, I picture Gwyneth and those crazy Muppets bopping around and Cee Lo’s Big Bird outfit and I can’t help but smile. So enjoy this catchy little tune and your weekend too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good reads

I have read quite a few books lately thanks to the computer Kindle app. I am seriously considering getting an actual Kindle to keep stowed in my purse or for reading at night, but with Wyatt’s big appearance in two months, I am not sure how much use I will be getting out of it then.

All of these are great reads with Water for Elephants being my favorite by far. I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

water-for-elephants 2407-1 


On another note, At First Sight was probably not the best book for my very pregnant self to read, but Nicholas Sparks doesn’t disappoint and it was a pretty good book anyway.


I tried and tried to read Eat, Pray, Love but my heart just isn’t in it. I think I might give up and just get around to watching the movie.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Dreams

I have loved Vera Bradley bags since my college roommate got her first purse from there. I was never really interested in designer purses like LV, Coach and Chanel so the thought of $75-100 for a purse was outrageous to me (especially during my broke college years), but my husband and family members indulged me for Christmas with my very first Betsy in New Hope, complete with accessories. They are really well-made and are totally worth the cost.

I have become a loyal fan and can’t wait for new prints to come out every season. Justin and I were talking the other day and I said that one day, someway, somehow, I was going to make it up to Indiana for the Vera Outlet Sale.

Until then, a girl can dream about snapping up entire collections of her favorite patterns, right?

Here’s what I have thought about getting…if I had an extra $1200 or so!

Everyday Vera collection in Lemon Parfait:

Everyday Vera

(Vera Tote, On The Go Handbag, All in One Wristlet, Kiss and Make Up Cosmetic, Turn Lock Wallet, Card Holder)

Travel Collection in Twirly Birds Navy:

Travel Vera

(Hanging Organizer, Weekender, Garment Bag, Travel Cosmetic, Baby Bag, Large Duffel, Small Duffel, Laptop Portfolio, Large Cosmetic, Medium Cosmetic, Small Cosmetic, Contact Case, Curling Iron Cover)