Friday, January 3, 2014

Cousins and Cookies 2013

This year, we decided to get all of Wyatt’s cousins (Jake, Ben, Rivers, and Liam) together to decorate Christmas sugar cookies the Saturday before Christmas. I got up and made breakfast muffins and had everything set up ready to go. The kids had a blast. I made the sugar cookies the night before and they were able to use bright icing and tons of colored sugar and sprinkles to decorate to their hearts’ content.
I am terrible at remembering to take good pictures. I admit it. I snap away with my iPhone and occasionally get lucky, but thankfully our resident photographer Sami is around to do our events justice. The square dark ones are my Instagram pics and the nice, professional looking ones are Sami’s.
IMG_3503 IMG_3502 IMG_3501 IMG_3500  IMG_3485 IMG_3465
Wy_mixing_all_of_his_colors_together. 1503915_10152192647786929_1162159146_n
Wyatt_consumed_more_then_decorated._Checking_and_making_sure_his_moma_wasn_t_watching_but_Aunt_Sami_caught_him. Wy_getting_his_decorating_on.
The adults got to paint little metal signs. I think they’re pretty awesome too!
I didn’t manage to get a picture of the cute cross my Mama painted.
I think this is a fun tradition and we will definitely try to keep it up for years to come!

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