Monday, January 6, 2014

AGL Session VII

We had our seventh session of AGL at Henderson Village in Perry back in December. I can’t believe I haven’t posted about it until now. Henderson Village was an awesome country resort. I can’t believe I have lived within an hour and a half of it for more than 20 years and haven’t heard of it before. The grounds were beautiful and our room was very nice. There was even a gas fireplace in our room!
This session included spouses and significant others. I am very glad Justin was able to attend. We focused on interpersonal communication. I thinks it’s wonderful when stuff I learn in AGL has personal practical applications in addition to those I can use in my career.
We learned about the five Love Languages (Justin and I are on the same page!), practiced intentional listening, discussed conflict styles, and wrapped up our last night there with square dancing. I was quite reluctant about square dancing but we had a blast for two and a half hours. It is really hard—we learned about 20 moves out of the more than 300 calls that exist! We also did a Christmas white elephant game. There was a $10 limit and regifting was allowed and encouraged. I ended up with a great set of 12 glass mugs with snowmen on them that I actually ended up using for hot apple cider on Christmas Eve.
I’m looking forward to our next session in North Georgia in February!
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