Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just a few upgrades

Justin and I have big plans of making our new house our own, but we are taking things slowly until we can rebuild our savings. A down payment on a house can do that to you!
We made two changes so far and we’re quite proud of the impact they have made. Justin has a room that is all his own to fill up with his hunting trophies, gear, and whatever else he wants; it’s his man cave. His Uncle Glynn had a desk and a pool table in it.
My sister Sami let us borrow her couch, chair, and wooden trunk because she lives in a furnished house. It makes the room very nice and we were able to get it in just in time for our Christmas Eve party! Justin was able to put his turkey feather fan in, hang some of his taxidermied stuff, and bring in the rest of his gear to make it a really neat space.
Man Cave Before
Man Cave After
We also made a few small upgrades to the living room. The lights in the ceiling fan weren’t functional so we knew we’d have to replace it some time. We came across this beautiful fan at a local thrift store for $20. It is a remote controlled fan and its remote was missing. We were able to pick up a universal remote for $25. We ended up with a $200+ fan for $45 total. It is huge and is specifically designed for great rooms like ours. I think it’s great. Wyatt had to “help” with the installation of course!
Living Room Ceiling Fan Before
Living Room Ceiling Fan After
After we got the fan in place, we had Amanda, Michael, Jake, Ben, and Rivers over for a bon fire where we burned our very dry Frasier fir Christmas tree. It went up in huge flames. We watered it daily and it had just built a film over the cut and stopped taking up water.
The kids enjoyed riding the Radio Flyer down the hill of the driveway.
We have also been wanting to get an area rug to put in front of our couch. Justin and I have been casually looking and actually found one at Home Depot we liked for $129 which is pretty reasonable. Something told me to hold out for just a little while. Lo and behold! We found this beauty at the same thrift store that we got the ceiling fan from. I believe it is the same one we wanted from Home Depot. It was brand new in the plastic 5’x7’ for $40. I am loving it. It is so soft on my bare feet when I’m sitting in the living room and breaks the brick pattern up just a bit.

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