Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Fun Day

I hate it when Justin has to work and there is nothing on the calendar. Sunday was beautiful and I got to spend the day with Wyatt with no pressures of having to be somewhere. It would have been wonderful to have Justin with us. We started the day at church and followed it up with Waffle House for lunch. You know it’s crazy, but Wyatt had his fill of waffles, bacon, grits, and a bite of my patty melt, but he was most excited about this paper hat. Crazy boy!


After nap time, we struck out to explore a little more. Wyatt hopped on his battery-powered tractor and Jeb was right along with him. I’m glad he likes to play in the mud and check things out. We saw two sets of distant neighbors out and about on their golf carts and Wyatt even let me take some pictures of him while he shouted, “CHEESEBURGER!”

 IMG_3963 IMG_3952 

IMG_3951 IMG_3950 


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