Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rounding out April

Wyatt had his AWANA Grand Prix at church and it was really fun! He took 3rd place in design (we missed the judging and there were only 3 kids in his category-HA!) and 1st in speed. Justin made a cool low rider truck for the race. At this age, kids can’t do a lot with the tools, so it’s up to the parents to make the cars.

IMG_7781 IMG_7820 IMG_7801

Justin and I snagged up this huge lot of Tupperware at an estate sale for $8. I got a deviled egg tray for Suzi that would have cost at least that much used on eBay, so I say it was a great steal!


Holy moly! I don’t know where the time has gone but my sweet niece Rivers is NINE years old! We celebrated her birthday at Lake Blackshear. The kids had a blast playing at the water with the kayaks and fishing poles.


I found a water-propelled lawn tractor sprinkler at Goodwill for $15. That’s a steal since these can run more than $65!


Sami and I tried our hands at foil printing. It didn’t quite work out like we planned but it ended up making a cool zebra pattern!


After a hellacious storm at Mama and Daddy’s house one night, we experienced the most eerie red sky I have ever seen. I was seriously freaked out.


Our potatoes are coming in now. We have been digging them out of the garden fairly consistently for the past few weeks.


Our mama cat had three kittens, all orange of course! I can’t wait until they start opening their eyes!


Justin and I believe we burned up the motor on my Kitchen Aid mixer making sausage last time so he surprised me with a brand new one! I can’t get over it. It came in just in time for me to make Wyatt’s birthday cake. I even teared up a little when I opened the box.


Wyatt was bouncing on the bed one night and I just got, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” out of my mouth when he came down crashing his nose on the headboard. Thankfully Justin is even-keeled and got him calmed down while I taped him up with some Monsters University band-aids.


Justin surprised me with a pair of guineas in the coop the other day! Our nephew Jake traded us a male and a female for some of the roosters we were wanting to get rid of. They are spooky birds and not friendly at ALL!


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