Friday, May 8, 2015

Wyatt is o{fish}ally 4!

We had a fun-filled fishing themed party to celebrate my favorite little boy turning 4 last Saturday. We had tons of family and friends celebrate with us, enjoying the food and fellowship.

I made a few decorations, including these kick ball bobbers. They were just red balls that I taped off and painted white on top. I set them on the tops of red solo cups so they wouldn’t roll around on the tables.

IMG_8090  IMG_8158

I printed out little labels that said “I’m glad I CAUGHT you as a friend! –Wyatt” and put them on packages of Swedish Fish for party favors.



The cake was not my best effort but I had fun making it. It was supposed to be blue water with green grass along the edges. My grass-makings skills are definitely lacking! I slapped one of Wyatt’s boats, plastic fish, and some bobbers on the top for a little extra touch.

IMG_8121 IMG_8185 IMG_8165

The biggest hit of the day was the slip and slide Wyatt got from Katherine and Jennifer. The kids had a blast on it long after the water balloons ran out.

 IMG_8177 IMG_8180 IMG_8188 IMG_8189


That Sunday, Wyatt got to break in his new fishing gear and we caught a bunch of bream at our friends’ pond down the road from the house. He loved it!

IMG_8214 IMG_8215

On Wy’s actual birthday, Justin and I both took off work. We went out to Calhoun Produce and got some jam berries, gave blood in Cordele, made strawberry preserves, and wrapped up the day with Wyatt’s first t-ball game of the season. It was a wonderful 4-day weekend!

IMG_8221 IMG_8228

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