Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fun-Filled Weekend

I started out last weekend with a day off work. I planted marigolds, coleus, and Mexican petunias around the chicken pen to brighten it up until the daylilies grow. I also planted about 30 amaryllis bulbs I got for FREE off the side of the road. I am so glad folks are generous with their bulbs when they separate plants.
IMG_7687 IMG_7688 IMG_7684
After I got the flower gardening out of the way, I blew off the driveway and our brick paths and began to spray round-up on the weeds that have just about taken over in every crack and crevice. After that, Justin and I planted tomatoes, bell peppers, and banana peppers in the garden. He got the corn planted a few days earlier and our potatoes are taking off like crazy! We even discovered that my vintage Tupperware sewing box makes for perfect seed storage!
Justin was helping Uncle Glynn when Daddy called him and said he had something for us. Justin went into town and came back with this beauty! It is simply amazing. It was in an old building that was being torn down the next day and Daddy knew it had my name all over it! Justin is going to leave it in its rusty state and add a butcher block to the top. I think it will go nicely with our brick floor in the kitchen.
Saturday was a long day of riding for us. A friend on Facebook has apparently noticed my infatuation affinity for Tupperware and told me about a vintage kitchenware sale in Douglas, so Justin, Wyatt, and I loaded up and checked it out. It was primarily Pyrex but there were still tons of Tupperware and other vintage kitchen stuff to scoop up. I was totally in my element and could have easily spent hours pouring over each piece.
IMG_7697 IMG_7698
After the sale, we went to several antique stores and visited a man that had some industrial barrels for us to store our animal feed in.
We realized we were only a few miles from the Okefenokee Swamp. None of us had ever been so we decided to stop by. It was late in the day when we reached the visitors center but we did see this huge alligator sleeping on the bank right outside. We will definitely be back to spend the weekend at the nearby state park and take full advantage of the train ride and boat tours that are offered!
IMG_7712 IMG_7713
We rounded out Sunday with lots of family time, including getting the second coat of paint done in the new dry kitchen and getting the primer on our new island. Justin pulled the moulding down in the dining room so we could get clean lines. After telling Wyatt to watch out for nails no less than 20 times... I stepped on a nail. Stupid nail shouldn't have been where I was walking!

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