Monday, May 18, 2015

An End of An Era

About eight weeks shy of four years ago, I handed over my precious newborn baby to you know…people that weren’t me. I was nervous about heading back to work but I knew Wyatt was in good hands with the loving women at Doodlebugs.

Last Friday, we had a graduation to celebrate his class moving on to big boy/big girl school in Augusts…*sniff sniff*. I am so glad Wyatt has had these beautiful, smart women in his life to teach him, love him, get on to him the many times he needed it, help him spell and read sight words, write his name, go to the potty, and a million other things.

IMG_8538 IMG_8544



Mrs. Becky, Wyatt’s teacher, referred to him as her “southern gentleman.” I think she hit the nail on the head with that one because he told me, “Mama, we need to go to Public (Publix) and buy them [teachers] some flowers.” So I bought tons of roses at Publix and made small bouquets for each of his teachers.

IMG_8508 IMG_8507

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