Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Flower Update

The timing is great right now to be outside and enjoying all the flowers.
Mrs. Desiree bought this mother-of-thousands plant and I have planted some of its babies. I hope it doesn’t take over my yard!
These beautiful roses are growing all over the ditch banks in South Georgia right now. I was prepared to go dig some up off the dirt road only to discover I had some around one of the pine trees in my yard. I didn’t even see them bloom last year!
I have magnolia blossoms all over my trees now! I love the smell of a magnolia. I try to take note of when they’re blooming. Sami has always said she wants a wedding full of  big smelly magnolias so I want to make sure the dates line up for when she plans a future wedding!
Aunt Faye’s clematis is gorgeous climbing up over a wagon wheel! I told her I definitely want to do one of these on each side of my driveway.
IMG_8344 IMG_8345 
Wyatt brought home a flower pot for me he made at Doodlebugs for Mother’s Day. I love it and it was immediately the perfect place to plant my ranunculus bulbs. Hopefully I’ll have big beautiful blooms  like these soon.
IMG_8360 757a
My hydrangeas have put off their first blooms of the season as well. I think these are some of my favorite flowers!
  IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8381
In the garden, things are looking well. We have baby green tomatoes starting to grow and the bell peppers are forming as well.
Justin, Wyatt, and I spent a few hours last Sunday digging all of the potatoes from the garden. We ended up with 121 pounds of potatoes from our <50 pounds of seed potatoes. We shouldn’t have to buy any for a whole year!
IMG_8385 IMG_8391
I got the prettiest succulent from my in-laws on Mother’s Day. It’s like a morning glory—it only opens up during the sunlight hours. It’s nice hanging in our bay window right now!

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