Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chicken Update #3

My brother-in-law, Michael, told Justin that our local feed store had a deal that they would give you ten chicks for each bag of feed you bought for a few days last week. Of course, Justin said challenge accepted. We were due to restock the chicken feed at the house so he went to the Red Barn, our feed supplier, and grabbed up two bags of feed and came home with 19 chicks. He wiped them out of all the chicks they had.
These little fuzzies are so cute. They chirp all the time. We did have one die, but we still have 18 cheeping away all day long.
We hope to sort out the rest of the chickens we have and end up with around 24 layers and four or five roosters for breeding and hatching out eggs.
On another note, our guineas started laying. Justin discovered 2 eggs in the nest box on Wednesday night. We have five eggs now! We thought we had a male and a female guinea and we were going to let the female hatch babies out, but the timing is such that we might actually have 2 females!
With the addition of the new chicks, we now have a total of around 50 mouths to feed at the Cook home place. That includes the chickens, roosters, chicks, two guineas of indeterminate sex, Doc Bunny, May Dog, Mama Kitty, the tom cat, and the three kittens. To add to the craziness, we bought Wyatt a beta fish for his birthday. The poor fish still doesn’t have a proper name. It has been “Umbrella”, “Silly Jilly,” and “Silly Billy” so far. Poor fish!
We thought the original fox was gone, but it seems we have another fox, this one a darker color, creeping around and Justin and I heard a bobcat in the woods yesterday. Life in the country is so fun!

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