Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pop Up Camper, Part 5

Just before we left for our beach trip (more on that later), I decided to paint our camper fridge and door with chalkboard paint. I used this from Joann’s in black. The refrigerator took the paint better than the door. It took three quick coats with a simple foam brush, letting it cure for 24 hours, and swiping it all over with a chalk stick. After that, I decorated it all up for Mexico beach.IMG_7385

I did the same three coats of chalkboard paint on the door, but that didn’t take as well. You can see it looks fine with the door open, but the paint wasn’t dark enough to block out the sun fully. When the sunlight comes through, you can definitely see all of my brush strokes. I think I will go back and paint a few more quick coats on it now that we’re home.


Here she is all stocked and set up in Mexico beach with our foods. We took out the flip-down sink. It gives us more storage options. Justin has a portable plastic sink like you would find in a laundry room that we are going to set up to wash dishes in. We are toying with the idea of just rinsing stuff off and putting the dishes in a big plastic tote to carry home and properly wash. We are weekend campers at best so we would usually only be gone for two or three days. Most of our cooking is on the grill and we almost are always around my SIL & BIL or my MIL & FIL. They have full kitchen facilities if we see it not working out. IMG_7391 


Here she is all set up at the campground in Mexico Beach. I snagged the cute outdoor rug at the French Market in Ashburn for $25. It’s great to catch the majority of the sand and dirt before we go inside. Justin set up his pop tent for a little more shade. These camp sites are on a little hill, but he thinks on a flatter surface he might build little platforms to make it go over the doorway like an awning. It was nice to have a table outside under the pop tent so our things didn’t get dew on them overnight.


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