Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our new tractor

Justin has been looking for a while for a small tractor that we can use at the house for the garden and to move heavy limbs and stuff like that. I think he is excited about the idea of fixing up an old tractor with his daddy too. He found this one in Sylvester last week and went and looked at it. It is a 1951 Ford 8N. Someone tried to restore it one time and painted it blue.
After talking it over, we decided to get it. He took Wyatt to pick it up yesterday and that boy was some kind of excited! I love that we have a son that likes being outside and helping out in the garden as much as he does.
We hope that one day it will look like this:
Here are a bunch of pictures of it. I am thoroughly documenting the transformation.
tractor profile

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Brandi Nell said...

I LOVE THE NEW TRACTOR. It's gorgeous!