Monday, June 2, 2014

Mexico Beach Camping Trip

Last Wednesday Justin, Wyatt, and I packed up our pop up camper and headed down to Mexico Beach, Florida for our inaugural family camping trip.
We stayed from Wednesday to Monday and we had a blast. I didn’t put makeup on once and it was glorious to roll out of bed, put on a bathing suit, and make our way down to the beach.
IMG_7411 IMG_7423
We ate at Shuckums in Panama City Beach. The walls and ceilings are covered with dollar bills folks have decorated. Of course we had to join in on the fun. Here is Wyatt after we worked on his. Amanda stapled them up on the wall for us.
IMG_7446 IMG_7458
After we ate a Shuckums we went down to the marina where the fishing charter boats are. Wyatt got to see Captain Mike’s group bring in all of their fish. This is the same captain that took Justin and the fire department guys out last year.
IMG_7462 IMG_7475
IMG_7499 IMG_7511
I’m thankful for my waterproof iPhone case that we bought specifically for the beach. I got loads of ocean pics that way.
When I was taking these pictures of the kids in the kayak and Amanda with Wyatt on the boogie board, I didn’t realize there were drops of water blocking the lens. It’s hard to see clearly out there through the protective case.
On our last beach day, Justin dug a big hole and formed a “couch” in the side of it. He cut steps in the sand for the kids to come in and out and made them shout, “’Merica!!!” when he asked for the password. He’s a nut.
Of course, we didn’t spend all of our time at the beach. We played in the campground/hotel pool at night and spent a day hitting up all of the thrift shops and yard sales. We got some awesome deals. Justin and I found lots of Tupperware, including oven ware. I didn’t even know they made oven ware. I tried it out last Thursday night with some homemade banana pudding complete with meringue!
I also got this neat vintage Tupperware tumbler that I discovered is perfect for powder dishwasher detergent. I love finding alternative uses for my ever-growing Tupperware collection!

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