Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Happenings

Earlier this month, Justin went to Calhoun Produce and got strawberries to make some strawberry jam. It is fabulous! I’m so glad he likes doing this kind of stuff.
IMG_8121 IMG_8136
Our sunflowers are finally blooming and I love using a variety of jars and bottles to show them off. I have a milk bottle that sits on the dining room table. I put my sunglasses on one to show the scale. These flowers are big and getting bigger every day!
IMG_8190  IMG_8202
I put a sunflower for Mama and Daddy in a Georgia wine bottle at their house.
Last Saturday we ate some fresh watermelon at Mama and Daddy’s house and I was snapping pictures of Wyatt. Mama remembered she had the Watermelon Days Festival magazine that featured him when he was a year old. It’s neat to see two years later he still loves watermelon and he has almost the same expressions!
Justin came home from the fire department Sunday morning and we welcomed him home with bacon, grits, and eggs. I coached Wyatt earlier to tell him, “Happy Father’s Day!” but he shouted as loud as he could, “Happy Mother’s Day, Daddy!” We got a laugh out of that. Justin got a new pair of sunglasses after I realized a week ago that his were older than Wyatt. We’re going to get his old glasses repaired so he has a backup pair in his little truck.
After church and lunch at Mama and Daddy’s house and a nap, we headed out to Sheldon and Desiree’s house for dinner. Amanda and Rivers took Wyatt out in their kayak in the pond and Justin helped the kids shoot his .22 rifle. Wyatt kept saying, “I can do it ‘gain?!” We spend a lot of time teaching Wyatt what to do if he ever finds a gun and the importance of not touching them without an adult.
IMG_8279 IMG_8283
IMG_8287 IMG_8291
This is how Wyatt welcomed Monday morning. I got him up and told him to come in the bathroom to take his vitamin and brush his teeth. I kept getting ready and when I realized he didn’t come in, I went looking for him. I found him passed out back asleep on the pile of dirty laundry. Crazy boy!

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