Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More lovelies from the garden

I can’t say it enough: I absolutely love getting out in our yard and see what’s blooming. There is something new every week, sometimes every day!
IMG_7297 IMG_7299
Just before we left for the beach I noticed my mop head hydrangeas were starting to bloom out. They are a beautiful blue color.
My oak leaf hydrangeas smell so good and I used them for Ashley’s shower as a centerpiece. They are very abundant.
Did you know garlic makes these adorable lavender flowers on the tops? Aunt Faye planted several clumps of garlic all around the yard to deter snakes. Instead of harvesting the fresh garlic this year, I let them bloom out. As much as I would love some garlic grown in our very yard, the idea of them repelling snakes was much more appealing to me.
We planted our sunflowers back in April. I snapped this photo of Wyatt standing beside them and then again 12 days later. The rate at which they’re growing astounds me. These are a giant variety that will eventually reach 10-12’ high!

We have a huge gardenia bush growing as well. The blooms smell fabulous. I picked them and stuck them in a glass from the kitchen and set them on the stove. They only lasted a few days but it was great while we had them.
I also cut tons of hydrangeas and put them in my mason jars with flower frog toppers. These are the best arrangements ever to scatter throughout the house. I am not usually this fancy, but I jumped at the opportunity to snap a picture on the front patio where I was arranging flowers with my new acrylic tray Mrs. Desiree found for me in a thrift store down at the beach. It will be great for tons of things.
Last Thursday we did a walk around the yard and stopped to take in the scent of the magnolias. I also found these crazy lilies growing that had alternating red and orange petals. I love them!
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