Friday, June 13, 2014

Master bathroom upgrade

Our master bathroom is spacious. I am grateful to have such a nice space because it’s just easier to let Wyatt bathe and get ready downstairs with us. Unfortunately for us, it is a little dated sporting harvest gold tile, tub, sink, and toilet. Secondly, we had an open tub like below and a plastic corner shower. The floor of the shower was cracking before we moved in, but Justin wasn’t happy risking any damage to the wood below from minor leaks.
Corner shower gone
Other than dropping several thousand dollars on a major renovation, we had few choices. We could spend $500-800 on a new corner shower or we could convert the tub into a tub/shower combo. I liked the second idea much more. Justin removed the paneling off the wall behind the shower plumbing and was able to convert the spout and temperature knobs to fit a shower head as well. We ordered an L-shaped shower curtain from JSharone’s (online custom shower rod maker), and rigged up TWO shower curtains with Ikea curtain clips. It’s a big tub.
Master Bath Before 
It is actually a good solution and works well for us. If you look at the very bottom you can still see the harvest gold peeking out. We are going to buy a Rustoleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit and give it a fresh coat of white. Our next steps are to tear out the old shower, re-tile and replace the tiles that were cut to size, paint the walls and cabinets, change out the countertops and sink, and possibly add some molding. We were able to convert the shower and purchase the shower curtains and liners all for less than $300. Justin reminded me that we completely gutted our kitchen in the old house for less than $5,000 so we should be okay budget-wise. Thankfully I am surrounded by men that are very handy.
Master Bath After

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