Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ashley’s Pack the Pantry Shower


My friend Ashley got married last weekend and my friends Becky, Jessica, and I hosted a pack the pantry shower for her. The concept of a pack the pantry shower is for everyone to bring items for the new couple’s pantry including kitchen items, spices, cleaning supplies, etc. She was the recipient of tons of great stuff for their house and we had a blast with our friends and her families.


I grabbed these oak leaf (cone) hydrangeas from the yard to use as a centerpiece. Y’all, take this little piece of advice: dip your fresh cut flowers in a little bit of water to knock the sugar ants off. We were chasing ants off the table the whole time. I only realized that getting rid of the problem would have been that simple AFTER the fact.




We have a small group of girls that see each other sporadically. I’d love to say we get together more often, but with babies, husbands, work, and school, it’s not as often as I’d like. We grew up together in elementary school and church and graduated nearly 10 (!) years ago. I am glad I am surrounded by such wonderful friends.


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