Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden and yard update

It is amazing to me that we have had more than four solid months of flowers blooming at our house with no sign of it slowing down. Here are some of the ones that have showed up in the past week and a half.
These day lilies have the most wonderful scent! I suppose they might all have a good smell, but I don’t get in the habit of stopping to smell them. When I grabbed up a few to put in my dirt road blue medicine bottle, I was overwhelmed by the delicious scent.
Canna lilies are popping out by our air conditioner. I might ask for someone to send over some orange ones to group with the red ones next year.
Bottle brush plants
I have feelers out to some of my flower friends. I called this one a carnation tree but I think my best guess is that it’s a Kwanzan cherry tree. If you know any better, let me know!
IMG_8016 IMG_8017
Our sunflowers have a target height of 10-12 feet tall and they’re getting close! I even see some yellow petals poking out of the heads. It won’t be long now.
IMG_8030 IMG_8034
One night we took the four wheeler out down the dirt road and came across wild blackberry bushes. We had to be careful to watch out for snakes and thorns, but Wyatt, Justin, and I were eating them as fast as we could pick them. It’s so cool to pick them right off the bush, right where God planted them!
IMG_8054 IMG_8058
Our corn is getting tall and we can see the ears starting to form. I love the colorful tops! It’s also neat to see our decorative gourds and pumpkins forming because we never know what we’re going to get. The cross pollination is making for some awesome designs so far. Fall is going to be gorgeous at our house!

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