Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow! I have two new followers! Since I'm so new at this whole blogging thing, I didn't even know that people could even stumble on my tiny scrap of the interwebs! Woot!

My 'other' private blog is more of a journal where I can fuss about my hubbs (which of course I don't do often at all) or my bestie or the latest person at work that has made me mad, but I really enjoy just being able to post positive stuff and talk about all of the random ideas that hit me. I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to talk about or that I would just ramble endlessly (but wait, isn't that what I'm doing?), but I just sat down and I officially have at least 10 ideas for blog posts. At the risk of overwhelming anyone who might be reading, and to save some ideas for when I get writer's block, I'm gonna go easy on yall today.

My sisters and my mama were at a crafts show just before Christmas this year and stumbled upon this little gem:
Where have you been my whole life you witty little charming store?!? They have some of the cutest designs and needless to say, all of the ladies in our family got at least one. Mama gave me this one because I am probably the biggest Pink Ribbon and breast cancer awareness supporter there is:
(mine is hot pink)
Here are a few more, including the shirt I got my blog title from:

Well yall have a great Friday the 13th (black cats and broken mirrors and all),

a Happy Valentine's Day,

(From, but that's another whole post all together!)


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