Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess who...

... has a leopard print camera courtesy of a $1 thrift store find?! I found a gift card thing at the local thrift store for a camera skin from It was only a buck so I figured if it didn't work, I was only out a little bit of cash. Well, boy did it work! I have an adorable skin and when I went back for more, I found three! Now my bestie has a black and hot pink polka dot skin, I have a really cute skin for my mp3 player, and I have a laptop skin on its way.

If you are not fortunate to come across such a great deal, Skinit does offer its skins for about $15 each. It seems a little steep for some items, like my little mp3 skin, but it's really worth it for the laptop skins. :)

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