Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Great Valentines' Weekend :)

*Sigh!* Have I mentioned I have the sweetest Hubbs in the world?!? He is such a great guy. We decided this year we were going to let Valentine’s Day go by the wayside since being newlyweds, every day is sort of a mini VDay. *hehe—snickers*

Justin got off duty on Saturday morning around 8:30 and he had asked me to be showered, dressed and ready because we were making the great pilgrimage to the Great Outdoors Show in Perry (read: hunting and fishing stuff that Hubbs actually thought I might be interested in). As we were walking out the door, he asked me what we had forgotten. Running a mental checklist (phone: yes, keys: yes, camera: yes) I told him we had everything we needed. Suddenly a sneaky grin creeps on his face and he says, “WAIT! We forgot to pack an overnight bag!”
WHAT?!? An overnight bag? What was my Hubbs thinking? Secretly he made plans for us to spend two days up in Atlanta, even down to getting my sister to take care of the animals. Is he not the sweetest thing or what?

We did indeed spend a few hours at the Great Outdoors Show and then set out for Atlanta. We ate a wonderful meal (with the exception of the 6,000 cheerleaders and their families that invaded Atlanta for a cheerleading competition) at Ted’s Montana Grill on Saturday night. I had a bison steak. Trust me, that thing was so tasty, I would head up to Atlanta today just for another one.

On Sunday morning we headed out to Stone Mountain Park and had a blast riding up to the top of the mountain and watching all of the kids play in the Snow Mountain area. (All you Northern ladies—these parents were paying $25 a pop for the kids to tube and build snowmen.) I had a slight twinge of jealousy…I wanted to build a snowman and have a s’more over the fire pit!
So that was my weekend. Don’t let me forget to mention that we had to stop at Bass Pro Shops in Macon on our way home. I guess it was a weekend of compromise. I had a great time and it was just good to get out of South Georgia, if even just for one night.

P.S. I think our local meteorologist needs to learn how to spell "ingredients."

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