Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mexico Beach

The week of Memorial Day, the Cook and Perry families were going camping at Mexico Beach in Florida. Wyatt was going down with Sheldon and Desiree for the week. Justin and I talked to Amanda and decided we would come down for the weekend and surprise everyone. Even Wyatt didn't know we were coming. We showed up Friday night and stayed until Tuesday. Unfortunately a stomach bug was going around so they ended up coming home earlier than planned on Thursday. We had a good time spending one very long day on the beach, a day exploring Goodwills, and some fun times in the pool. Wyatt got a pretty rough sunburn the first day so he took it fairly easy the rest of the week. Georgia did great because we had a little tide pool in front of us and Mrs. Desiree had a kiddie pool for her too. We took her little beach tent and she slept for 3 hours one day.

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