Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guinea Bird Funeral

This week I found our guinea bird dead in the flower bed. I have cursed that bird a thousand times if I have cursed it once. Fortunately I think this bird's demise should be celebrated in the Cook house for its sacrifice. After talking to my Rivers and Amanda, we believe it died in the line of duty protecting us from a rattlesnake. This wild guinea bird did NOT like people picking it up. He/she would barely let us get near it. Rivers said he let her pick it up the day before and then promptly projectile vomited. That same day Justin found a dead rattlesnake down by the creek just up from our driveway. With a little bit of deduction we believe the guinea was trying to kill the snake and it managed to get a bite in on it. They pretty much fought to both of their deaths. 

Wyatt was a trooper and loaded it up on his wagon. We had a dirt road funeral procession to return it to nature from whence it came. He is a great kid!

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