Sunday, May 7, 2017

Joint Birthday Fun

With three birthdays the first week of May, we try to make everyone feel special. My family snuck a treat on me when we were eating at the Mexican restaurant in town one random night. Jorge suck up behind me and got me in the face with whipped cream! It was only the second time that has ever happened to me but I'm not mad! It was actually quite humorous.

Georgia's first birthday came in the middle of the week on a day that Justin worked. I remember vividly celebrating Wyatt's first birthday with just the three of us and a tiny little smash cake. I know Justin was having a hard time missing out on her first birthday so we loaded up and visited him at the fire department. Georgia didn't mind the extra sugar load and we had a nice visit.

After celebrating Wyatt's birthday with his classmates at school, we skipped right into a triple birthday celebration at Calhoun Produce for us on my actual birthday. It's not as bad as people think it might be celebrating with others. We had a great time and Amanda showed out making THREE separate cakes! I asked for just a farm themed cake and a tiny smash cupcake for Georgia but we each got our very own cake. Mine was the best cake ever! It was a 3D chicken made out of rice crispy treats!

I didn't take a picture but Justin and Wyatt got me two more chairs for outside and a matching table. I now have a complete set of four!

Mother's Day rounded out the celebration of me with tons of beautiful flowers for the yard.

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