Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Meet Merriam

Our beautiful, sweet, smart May girl died a few months ago and we wanted to get another blue heeler for our family. Justin was scouring the internet and couldn't seem to find one within a few hours' drive but he did stumble on this adorable red heeler only an hour and half from our house. She was nine weeks old when we got her to surprise Wyatt the day before his 6th birthday. We struggled with a name for her, much more so than we ever have for an animal before. We settled on Merriam since Justin just came back from hunting Merriam turkeys in Nebraska with the caveat that I would call her Mim. "Merriam" has seemed to roll off the tongue a bit better than Mim so Merriam she is! She's a good little pup. She likes to stand on top of her igloo in her pen and howl on occasion like Snoopy too!

She likes to ride in the vehicle with us despite getting car sick twice on the day we got her. I think she will be the perfect addition to our family. I can't wait to see when her puppy hair falls out and she darkens up. She already looks a bit foxy but when she sheds that white hair she really will look like it!

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