Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fashion Ten

While I was at Lake Lanier, my friend invited me to take a boat ride with them. It was unusually chilly for May so I ran to the nearest store to grab a light wrap. I slid into the parking lot of what looked to be a little clothing store and rushed in 10 minutes before closing. I was AMAZED! This store was way bigger than it looked from the front. At this point I was slightly out of breath and told the salesperson what I needed. She brought be over to a rack of wraps and I grabbed one up. It was only $10. Then I looked around. The store was called Fashion Ten but I didn't realize that their business model was that EVERYTHING was pretty much $10! I had to rush out because they were closing but I made haste to get there the next day after the conference wrapped up. I got so much cute stuff that it would definitely be worth a trip back up there to refresh my wardrobe in a few months. The sales staff was so patient. I am the kind of person that has to try on 30 things to find 2 I like. I ended up with 13 shirts, tunics, dresses, and leggings! I am so glad I found this gem. 

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