Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Great Sunflower Seed Harvest

This is the story of the great sunflower seed harvest of 2014. When I asked Justin for us to plant sunflowers, I was really just interested in a pretty place to take pictures and to have a source of fresh flowers for the house. I didn’t think about the residual benefits from the flowers long after their blooms died off.
Justin and I let the heads of the sunflowers die off and the seeds dried a good bit on the heads. When the seeds started dropping to the ground, we knew they were ready. We cut the heads and loaded them into Wyatt’s wagon and the four wheeler cart. They were all covered with hundreds of tiny sugar ants.
IMG_0656 IMG_0657 
We each pulled a metal chair out of the carport and leaned over our 10 gallon stainless steel cook pot and scrubbed the seeds out.
IMG_0655 IMG_0658
In the end, we got about four or five gallons of seeds. I am going to try to roast some, but I am not sure if these varieties will work. Justin wants to use them for bird feed too.
I got this really awesome shot after we were done. I didn’t edit it. The seeds’ reflection on the inside of the pot made a really cool pattern!
Also, I think the pads of my thumbs are still sore from scrubbing those seeds out. I think next time I’ll Google others’ tried and true methods of removing them.

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