Monday, August 25, 2014

Awana and Justin’s 32nd Birthday!

On Wednesday we went to the AWANA kickoff carnival at our church. I am so excited for Wyatt to join Cubbies. I tried to explain to him that he can learn Bible verses and get a vest and badges for different achievements but all he wanted to know was if there was going to be a snack. Typical three year old!
IMG_1120 IMG_1121
Our church had burgers and hot dogs and fun inflatables for the kids to play on. Wyatt thought he was big because all he wanted to do was play basketball with the big boys.
IMG_1140 IMG_1146
When we got home that night, Wyatt and Justin lay out on the man cave floor and colored dinosaur pictures. I love stuff like this!
Thursday didn’t start off so well for me. I was up a few times the night before and I stayed home from work. I had fourteen folks coming over for Justin’s 32nd birthday dinner and I wasn’t feeling very festive. I took it easy and made sure to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer to the couch. Finally after lunch I got a second wind and started with a vengeance. I swept, straightened, put clothes away, and picked up Wyatt at daycare just in time to start cooking. Justin had to grill the pork and thankfully Mrs. Desiree made the cake and ice cream. I would have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off otherwise.
IMG_1152 IMG_1156
After cake and ice cream, we enticed Justin outside with the promise of shooting off some fireworks and fire crackers. Amanda and the kids had other plans—they had a cooler full of COLD water balloons. We had a big water balloon fight and eventually set off some of the small fireworks.
Paxton was a charmer. He smiled so big at my daddy, it melted my heart. We teased Wyatt a little about Pax taking his stuffed animals home. He doesn’t get very jealous about all of the attention he gets from everyone else, but Wyatt’s still not too keen on sharing his toys and blankets.
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