Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Times in August

We have had a ton of activities this month keeping us busy. The local community hosted a back to school bash. Wyatt had a blast with his friend Gael. He loved seeing the police officers, fire fighters, and deputies out there. He really liked the bounce house. This was one of the first times he actually bounced around in one since he was a lot smaller.
IMG_0715 IMG_0720
I love all of the butterflies that are out now. I snapped this picture of a moth on Mama’s lantana one day when we went over there to go swimming.
My newest nephew Paxton is capturing all of our hearts!
IMG_0761 IMG_0822
IMG_0799 IMG_0800
I don’t put a lot of stock into fortune cookies, but this one from Panda Express the other day put a smile on my face.
One misty morning I was out feeding May and noticed this gorgeous spider web filled with dew drops on our magnolia tree. It reminds me of a fancy chandelier.IMG_0780
Sami came over to the house one night and asked me to snap a few pics of her for new headshots. I am not a pro, but she is a Photoshop wizard and made them turn out pretty awesome!

10600419_10152698606661929_3866329777683753894_n Me_and_my_beastie-nephew._August_5__2014
I love this one either Sami or Suzi got of Mama with Liam and Wyatt at church. These two are going to be so much fun together growing up and I am sure Pax will be right along with them soon enough.
Finally, I love getting alstroemeria at Publix for $4 a bouquet. They last nearly two weeks and I can usually split a bouquet into two mason jars. I caught these bright pink and lavender ones on manager’s special at Kroger for $1.50 a bunch so I bought two bunches and put them in my new {old} mason jars we grabbed up at a yard sale a few weeks ago.
IMG_0807 IMG_0810

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