Friday, August 29, 2014

Justin’s Next Project

I saw my first Lineberry factory cart probably two years ago. I have wanted one ever since.
When we lived in our old house, I knew that having one was nearly impossible. The cart would have been too big for our living room. When we moved into our house we currently live in, the brick floors practically screamed, “WE NEED A FACTORY CART TABLE!!!” Who am I to say no, right? I started researching these beauties and found that they can go for more than $1,000 restored. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, folks!
My sweet husband found a salvage dealer that was selling some old carts in poor condition for a fraction of the price and lovingly gave up his birthday money meant for tractor parts in order for us to get one.
IMG_1207 IMG_1209
We pulled up to a private home and found these carts in terrible condition. The folks that had them worked with us to make sure we had a complete set of hardware. Justin wants to replace the old wood and refurbish the metal pieces.
They had a really neat collection of salvaged pieces. Wyatt and I had a blast poking through all of the fun stuff scattered around the garage.
IMG_1210 IMG_1211
IMG_1212 IMG_1213
Justin and the owner loaded up the cart and a few other fun finds (more on that later) and we were off!
IMG_1216 IMG_1217
I love the beautiful “daisy” wheels and the character it will add to our living room. I can’t wait until Justin gets a chance to work on it!

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