Friday, August 8, 2014

August Blazing In

We have had a crazy week. May is in heat right now so we have moved her pen to the inside of the tennis court. We hope to have her bred one day but she’s still too young for all the strays to come up to our yard and us have to deal with it. Justin even brought over an old box deer stand to give her more shelter from the sun and heat since there is little to no tree coverage on that part of the property. Apparently she didn’t like her dog bed being in there because she decided to tear it up and strew millions of Styrofoam balls all over her pen.
IMG_0583 IMG_0585
Our niece Rivers was in a community play sponsored by the arts council. She was in a 10 minute play called “Hayseed” and a longer play called “Beauty IS a Beast.” Her on-stage debut was awesome and Wyatt proudly presented her with roses after her performance.
IMG_0604 IMG_0615
Saturday, we visited yard sales. We scored big time. Justin got an electric grill that is close to $400 new for only $5. He said it was worth the risk of it not working. He has cooked on it twice and so far so good! We also found these old mason jars. Those are the original blue jars! I can’t wait to fill them up with more flowers from the yard.
We also got a really pretty lamp for $10. It has a cloth-wrapped cord and everything.
After we returned from our yard sale adventures, Wyatt and I went to the Piggly Wiggly and we couldn’t resist the sweet cherries and green grapes. While I am the first to admit that lunch is usually chips and a sandwich, this was one of the healthiest and funnest meals we have had. He even wanted little tomato slices on his sandwich.
During Wyatt’s nap, I painted some 8x10” canvases black. Justin wanted me to order some wrapped canvas prints of some of his favorite hunting pictures but those suckers are expensive- more than $100 for the least best quality ones! These didn’t work out perfectly, but for $15 in supplies, they are great and Justin won’t feel guilty swapping them out for other pictures later down the road.
On Sunday, we rode to Home Depot and got a new mailbox. Of course Justin had to run into Walmart “to just get a toothbrush” and we ended up with $75 worth of stuff. While the majority of it was animal feed we would have needed anyway, he didn’t manage to sneak this duck guys’ beard into the cart.
Later that night, the Cook/Perry family came over for dinner and afterwards we loaded up onto our new wagon for a ride and took cake up to Uncle Glynn and Aunt Faye’s house for a surprise birthday celebration.

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