Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fun Stuff

We started out last weekend with a Turner County Rebels football game. I was crazy to think that was a good idea in mid August, but Wyatt wanted to see the game so I took him to meet up with Suzi, David, Liam, and Pax. We didn’t even make it to half time. The boys had a blast though—especially because Aunt Suzi hooked Wyatt up with Bug Juice and a Ring Pop!
I love seeing Liam be such a great big brother to baby Pax. Suzi laid him down while she was getting her diaper bag and car seat ready to go and Liam just sprawled out beside him to watch him sleep!
Our flowers are continuing to bloom. I have been anticipating these “airplane plants” –according to Aunt Faye—to bloom mid-August, but when they came out, it wasn’t what I was expecting. After consulting the peanut gallery on Facebook, my Aunt Kimmy’s comment that they looked like spiders or jelly fish led me to find the Wikipedia article that helped me identify them as hymenocalis, or spider lilies commonly.
IMG_1182 IMG_1260
My white ginger started to bloom also. I really need to remember to stake them up next year. They are falling all over our brick walkway. They smell heavenly.
Wyatt and May played out in the front yard in the water spigot while I worked on a little project I’ll post about later.
IMG_1271 IMG_1288
Also, our pear tree is loaded down with pears! Wyatt likes to go pick one and munch on it while we play outside in the afternoons.
IMG_1292 IMG_1296
Saturday kicks of UGA football season. Wyatt’s book Monday night was an alphabet book that pointed out important UGA football traditions and players.

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